This section is dedicated to my group. Here various useful utilities will be posted together with character sheets and adventure logs.

Group B:

Rudolf Nietzsche - Human 4.lev Student

Kitiara von Rosenberg - Human 3.lev Squire

Franz Munch - Human 4.lev Wizard

Falco - Human 3.lev Wizard

Group A:

Henrich Schwartz - Human 2. lev Trader / 1. lev Grave robber / 2. lev Outlaw / 5. level Wizard

Otto von Bismarc - Human 5.lev. Mercenary / 5. lev. Thief

Alexej Nikolajevic Golev - Human 5.lev Wizard / 5. level Elementalist

Retired characters:

Quintus Magnus a.k.a. Stopar - Human 8.lev. ranger / 3. lev. sniper

Dietrich - Human 9. lev cleric of Ulric

Ludwig Lang - Human 1.lev Pit fighter

Franka von Schwarzenbach - Human female 1.lev Noble

Dead characters:

Dolan - Human 1. lev exDruid / 1. level Scout *minced into sausages*

Aina Suarez - Human female 2.lev Acrobat *minced into sausages*

Jacob zu Marbach - Human 2.lev Squire *minced into sausages*

Bernard Noll - Human 2.lev Scout *devoured by demon*

Mistrall - Sea elf female 4.lev Trader *killed by goblins*

Zubodaj Kowalski - Human 4.lev Nomad *killed by ghoul*


Spell calculator - useful utility for all spellcasters. It can be used to calculate the chance to cast spell.

Ability roller - point-buy system ability roller useful for my alternative system of raising ability values.

Character sheet - empty character sheet for d20 Warheart.

System reference document - basic d20 rules in a simple form.

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