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This site is dedicated to d20 Warheart and Warhammer RPG. These two sections are completly separated and without any connection.



- September issue of Pevnost mag features interview with me about Warheart.


- New characters added to My group section.


- July issue of Pevnost mag features review of Warheart written by Dalcor.


- d20 Warheart 0.95 is out! Check it here. New, much better layout, proofreading,creature conversion manual and removed iterative attacks are major highlights of this release.


- during last weekend on Slavcon 2007 was d20 Warheart successfully baptized. All hail to godmother Thera! ;-)

- here you can find more photos from Slavcon 2007 d20 Open Gaming.


- d20 Warheart 0.94 is out! Check it here. I've corrected few bugs an made a new format. It is still far from perfect, but it's better than before.


- new spell calculator .

- some links fixed

- minor updates in rules.


- d20 Warheart 0.93 is finally out! Check it here.

- d20 Open Gaming will be held on Slavcon 2007 . Everyone will have chance to try d20 Warheart and other d20 games. You are welcome!


- Happy New Year! ehm ;-) version 0.93 is on the way. This time I worked mainly on magic system. The new version will be slightly less hardcore, but still no cakewalk for casters.


- finally new version 0.92 is out! With quite a lot of changes. Check it here. You can also find there a new character sheet .


- new character Bernard Noll. You can find him in My group section.


- group A is active again! New character sheets can be found in My group section.

- Zubodaj character and player are retired.

- if site is offline, you can use the mirror

- new version of the rules is coming this week. I hope that I will have enough time to finish it...


- three members of my new group met an unfortunate end. They were minced into sausages. So welcome the new characters: Zubotaj, Ludwig and Franka!

- added a link to the slovak d20 Warheart forum on


- updated ability roller. Abilities now improve much slower.

- updated My group. They gained a level ;)

- here you can find an interview with me about d20 Warheart (in slovak language) .


- My new group was added to My group section.

- I am working on the new version of the rules making some major changes. The class system will be revised and there will be changes in the combat system. Stay tuned!


- I have uploaded some background material for the Warhammer world. This material is copyrighted by its original writers. I do not claim writing any portion of it. If you think that something should not be available on this site, please send me an email to corvus69(at) and I will remove it immediately.


- version 0.91 out. Only minor updates and bard class removed.


- new domain


- added section My group

- New version 0.9 of d20 Warheart

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